Working with the Spirit of Groups

Founded in 2014, Collective Integrity aims to bring alignment with the essential goodness in organisations. Working with the concept of the Lex as the organisational archetype or essence, this work aims to bring alignment between group activities and the qualities of the Lex (archetypal essence), Lexion (the heart of the group) and elexion (what we recognise as culture). It could be argued, that humanities greatest power is in groups. Groups transform everything, from what we eat, what we learn, to methods of policing, healing, education and politics. Groups are humanities transformational engine and when they go dark, it can be catastrophic.

Providing a language: Corporate wizards, politicians, revolutionaries, kings and spiritual teachers have intuitively worked with these levels of consciousness for centuries. The challenge has been that there is no language or intellectual framework to discuss, critique or manage things collectively. Being able to manoeuvre the subtle impulses and forces of intelligible realms means you can control a crowd, predict global trends and influence cultural opinion, but it all happens on an intuitive level. This level of operation has largely been the sole playground of the one charismatic leader. The technology of lexion means we can work with it collectively.

Seeing the lexion: The lexion is ‘seen’ within the inner space of consciousness. Using meditation based techniques, practitioners align their consciousness with the spirit of the organisation and through a process of ‘being present with’ the lexion, the inner landscape is revealed. The qualities of the lexion are experienced as sensations within the mind. Practitioners place their awareness on the more emanated levels of the elexion. Over time the Lexion (the core or heart of the organisation) and the Lex (Archetypal essence) will be revealed. With the simple act of seeing the lexion begins to see itself and a natural cleaning up occurs. It brings an alignment with the Lex. It is as if the spirit of the group spirit awakens, it recognises itself and remembers its true nature.

Establishing a relationship: There are a variety of techniques to introduce the lexion to its members. The process of seeing begins to establish a relationship between the those doing the seeing and the lexion. Once a relationship is established there is a natural opening, aligning and freeing of things that have been blocked, clouded or dysfunctional. It is a relationship, so its necessary to be aware of the lexion in an ongoing manner. Introducing staff to the lexion changes the nature of things, it provides a language and a structure that facilitates the ongoing relationship. Of a new directive, a staff member may ask, ‘How will it impact on the elexion? Does it align with the Lex?’

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