The Muso’s

A colleague was associated with an informal eclectic group of 25-35 musicians. The loosely associated group based in a rural community, varied in age and experience and gigs were played as to who was available, the talents that blended well and those that had their head straight enough for things to work. There was a kind of loose brotherhood associated with the group, supportive, camaraderie and aspirational but the usual infighting was accompanied by a protectiveness that was designed to maintain the group.
One evening my colleague noticed that there was a dark cloud associated with the group. A sense of judgemental anger and fear coming out as moralistic control of musicians behaviour, particularly the younger ones.
As we are both practitioners who have experience mapping the space of consciousness associated with groups, we began a mediation based practise to see ‘what was going on’.
Tuning into the group
There is a dark, black cloud associated with the group. I can see an older member Harry, who has a density and quite a big space around him. He is holding the group, but there is a sense of selfishness around him. He is happy as long as he is playing. He sees the younger ones through his own desire. Then there is Ted, he is less sure, he is worried, particularly about the younger members. He wants the group to be stable, and he feels like something has threatened it. There are several young guys. One of them, Chris, has a big light, like Freddie Mercury, he is wild and fills the venues with light. The older ones are worried he will do something crazy and destabilise things.
The general space is dark, clouded. It’s not that easy to breath and it feels a bit judgemental and anxious. It embodies 30-60 people, and there appears to be a centre, where Harry and Ted are with others, a middle ground where some of the younger ones are, and a periphery, which embodies the people who support the musicians. It’s looser and more free on the edges. Overall it’s a good space, supportive, but a bit stifled, a bit dirty and smoky (perhaps relating to the substances they consume).
Tune into the Lex:
That action alone opens things up. There is a sense that we can breath more easily. There is some special quality in the Lex. Most of them aren’t consciously aware of what it is although there is a sense of something. There is a high pure light which has something to do with the land energies associated with the place. There is a guy, Ben, a young one. He is in the background, creative and talented, but quietly so, people don’t notice him. He is aware of this special quality in the Lex. The older ones, Ted and others are supportive of the group but they are not focused on this level of purity, their attention is focused at a more emanated level. There is one, Matt, who is more focused on the functional, managerial and financial agendas. Ted is concerned about the heart of things. He wants things to go well from a space of heartness for everyone. Harry, Ted, Matt and others are looking down. Ben is looking up. He is holding an alignment with the Lex. Quietly. He is holding an aspiration, but he doesn’t reveal it to the rest of them. He has his eye on the Lex and he has the potential to land its purity and beauty but he is not sure how to do it, he is not sure who he can trust with this level of innocence and purity.
Although this eclectic bunch of musicians would hate to admit it, there are layers of (gentle) bureaucracy associated with the group, how to behave and what’s cool if you are part of it. Ben has to find a way to land the clarity of the Lex through this bureaucracy.
There was a sense that the act of tuning into the Lex was helping Ben find his way. There was a feeling of showing him how to hold the Lexion as a vessel receptive to the light of the Lex. It also felt important that my colleague continues to hold the group up to its own Lex. Let them find their own way, but hold it up.
We held the whole group up to the purity of the Lex.
There was a sense of a gold light throughout the layer that had previously been dark. A lightness, openness and a realisation that it’s about the music. There was a freedom and hthe group felt less anxious. The overprotective judgemental feeling had lifted and a gold light flooded the space they held together.
This practise occurred in the inner space of consciousness. It was a one off meditation based practise. The potential impact on the group, on any group, will be commensurate with the number of practises and the level of involvement of group members in the process. If group members are involved in the process, an active open relationship between the lexion and the individuals will develop. This is where real change can occur. For a long term lasting shift in the spirit of a group, it is essential that the interaction between the group spirit and the group members becomes conscious, open and active.

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