Aligning with the Lex

Metaphysical mapping of the Sight Foundation. California
An excerpt from a Ph.D doctoral thesis. NB: ‘Comment’ (mm) comes from the metaphysical mapping. NB: ‘Comment’ (999) comes from the staff interviews.

Using meditation based techniques to explore the lexion of the Sight Foundation, the following transcript gives a taste of what can happen when there is conscious interaction with the spirit of a group.

There is a ‘clean vertical space, that the space is easily accessible, that there is an openness and a sense of acceptance’ (mm). The lexion was aware of the mappers. ‘It is interested in us. It is interested in our expertise and interested to see what we will do. There is a purity and a simplicity that holds things together. There is a sense of heartness, cleanliness and simplicity and that touches something inside‘ (mm).
There is a Tibetan thing that is strong in the space. It is more Tibetan than Buddhist. Tibetan feel of horizontal landscapes, images, and feelings of the emptiness of Tibet, the emptiness of the land, it is freeing. There is a horizontal heartness. It is a presencing influence and a force‘ (mm).
The Lex for the Sight Foundation came as an impulse to relieve needless suffering. ‘It is on the level of good works. It has a horizontality that is humanist. It has transformational power. It has credence. Good works. The force has umph‘ (mm).
Putting awareness of the metaphysical structure. ’There is a heartness and a softness as you go up (vertically) and then it becomes chaotic, above that it is smoother and cleaner and more streamline. There is a buzz, like static. There are vertical strings, and some are straight, vertical and have more integrity, some are chaotic or turbulent‘ (mm). The incarnation of the Lex was not entirely smooth. ‘There is chaos and an uneasy incarnation into the current landscape‘ (mm). One part of the structure ‘is smooth and straight and one part is turbulence‘ (mm). The structure is stable enough to hold it despite the turbulence. While stable at the time of study, the Sight Foundation had experienced a great deal of turmoil with throughout its thirty year history. ‘The turbulence or agitation has always been there. It wasn’t a holy marriage. One of the foundational pillars is affecting the structure. It is like dissonant voices are part of the structure‘ (mm). Interviews with the staff revealed a similar conflict. “There is a historic trauma being played out in the board” (442). “It is off balance” (844). “There is jealousy between the Native American program and the Sight program“(254). “Do we do Sight or Diabetes” (1181). “It is deeper than identity. It is an internal schism” (1073) (Russ, 2014: 251). Mapping the structure revealed four pillars connecting the Lex to the more emanated elexion. One pillar was carrying a different vibration that was perceived as a static.
Located in Berkeley California the Sight Foundation was founded in 1978 by a group dedicated to the alleviation of suffering in the world. It was made up of counter-culture activists, a medical doctor, musicians, people from spiritual traditions, a clown and compassionate individuals.
At the time of the research the Sight Foundation was focused on the prevention of blindness in fourteen countries and the heath of the Native American people within the United States. The results of the research were shared with staff and board members through workshops and reports. Interestingly, about six months after the research was conducted the organisational Board met and re-focused the Native American program towards Sight. After thirty years of operation there was integration across all platforms. The thirty year internal schism resolved itself.

Russ, H. (2014) Memes and Organisational Culture: What is the relationship? A thesis submitted to the University of Western Sydney for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

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