Exploring consciousness

This work rests on practices designed to explore states of consciousness. It utilizes a systematic, repeatable method that allows states of consciousness to be explored and mapped in a similar way to mapping an unknown landscape.

Drawing from teachers within the western esoteric tradition such as Rudolf Steiner, Plato, Samuel Sagan, Max Heindel, Annie Besant, Sri Aurobindo, Annie Miller, who suggest that through an internalization of consciousness and stillness of the mental and emotional bodies, that it is possible to become aware of states beyond the ordinary mind. Plato and those who have come after argue that it is possible to experience divine revelation or Nous, through contemplation or Theoria. This work has used techniques to still the ordinary mind and thereby explore the landscape of collective beings.

A few pointers. When exploring non-physical realities, you are exploring levels of creation that are consciousness. They are not dimensional in the way the material creation is dimensional. In the material world, the distance between point A and Point B will always be the same. In intelligible (or intermediary realms) experiences are fluid, like in a dream. Distances and time are not the same. In the material world gravity is the focusing force. In intelligible realms, attention is the focusing force. In intermediary worlds, gravity is non existent and the legal laws of the nation do not apply. You cannot put an idea in jail.

Mapping consciousness is a subjective art. Getting to know a collective being is like getting to know a friend. It is a relationship. Changes in you will produce changes in the spirit of your organization.

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