Founding impulse

hammerThe founding impulse is the impulse of Will from a person or group of people who want to change something. It is a raw Will, a force or desire to change something within material creation. The founding impulse is Will that has found direction.

An organization begins when three forces interact.

An organization begins because something happens that galvanizes people into action. A death, a tragedy, a great injustice, a birth or some life altering event. An extreme event activates a desire for re-balancing within a universal principle. A chaotic event galvanizes people towards order; extreme levels of control galvanize people to fight for freedom. Extremities galvanize people to restore balance. This is the founding impulse, the reason the organization began.

With this force of Will there is a response. People want to change something and because they focus their Will and intention on solving the situation, there was a response from above, an ‘idea’ a new paradigm that could solve the situation emerges. From a level of purity came an archetypal light, a response like a ‘grace’, like a light bulb that goes off inside your heart in the middle of the night when a solution emerges to something that has been troubling you.

The essence of a new collective being is the connection or ignition that occurs when the ‘ Will’ of the people meets the celestial ‘Life’ found in the archetypal idea designed to re-balance the extreme expression of duality. One without the other will not produce a new being. It is when the two unite, when they create a spark in the eyes of the founder, when they fuse, that the founder has the energy AND the ideas on how to solve the problem. It can feel like an idea whose time has come and as the founders put energy, Will and mental attention on the space of consciousness that is the archetypal light, that space of consciousness grows, It becomes visible and the collective being of an organization has formed.

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