Organizations emerge in the tension between extremities.

Within duality, the creation is a playground where ‘disparate’ and ‘like’ forces interact in an ever moving dance. The interaction facilitates emergence or a third element, a collective being.

Sri Aurobindo says it really well.

Not only between being and being, force and force is there war, but within each there is an eternal opposition, a tension of contraries, and it is this tension which creates the balance necessary for harmony. Harmony then there is, for cosmos itself is in its result a harmony; but it is so because in its process it is war, tension, opposition, a balance of eternal contraries (p. 240).

The tension between extremities is what provides the fuel for the emanation of many things including the emanation of organizations. The organizational collective being lives off the tension between order and chaos, life and death, suffering and service for example.

Organizations emerge in the tension between extremities. An emergency service is established to protect, to provide structure, order, control, safety and protection in times of chaos, transformation, destruction. An emergency service works between order and chaos, between, safety and danger.

Ask yourself what your organization was established to address and you will discover opposing polarities, and to be effective your organization must embrace both polarities completely. An emergency service must understand and embrace chaos, destruction and danger to have any hope of bringing safety, protection and control.

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