Spirit of place

A collective being emerges within a particular energetic environment.

The environment is not an external element that influences the organization but it is one of the elements that participate at the confluence from where the organization emerges.

The forces and flavours within the energetic environment include;

  • Land-energies of the site: The interior spirit behind the natural features or landforms where the organization is established
  • Subtle energies of the built environment: Physical attributes such as building materials and office layout effect what is possible in a space, as does the imprints from previous activities and the reason the building was erected.
  • Socio-economic; political and spiritual affiliations of the founders shape the metaphysical body of an organization. For example, an organization founded by environmentalists will have different values to one founded by a religious organization.
  • Subtle energies of the era: An organization is born within a time. The larger social macro forces and world trends will shape and flavour the spirit of an organization.
  • Energetic impact of significant events: Particular events within the organization or within society will have energetic impact on the spirit of the organization.

Pic: Brian Boru Fort in Ireland by Helen Russ
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