The following techniques are used to explore collective beings.

  • Storytelling is always a powerful way to unlock the interior workings of a collective. Open-interviews are used explore organization through its stories
  • Metaphysical mapping is an innovative interactive meditation based technique used to explore the interior spirit of an organization
  • Organizational constellations is a unique and powerful group process using the art and science of place to explore the interior spirit of organizations
  • Conversation mapping is a powerful group mind mapping process developed by Bruce McKenzie, where people build on to each others ideas
  • Scenario planning is a wonderful process that allows people to envisage the future and makes changes to current practices with the intention of ameliorating impacts. Windtunnelling developed by Bruce McKenzie is an online tool that empowers the process
  • Individual work uses meditation based techniques to unlock the potential within individual people

  • Participatory action research is a process to involve organizational members in the change. It brings change through participation

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