Scenario Planning

Utilizing the knowledge held within.

SCENARIO PLANNING, explores the impact of possible future scenarios on current strategies. People in your organization will have hunches on what is coming. By recognizing the impact of possible future scenarios that are the most likely to occur, current strategies can be amended thereby increase the organizations resilience.

Comparing the impact of possible future scenarios on the spirit of the organization makes it more tangible, which means scenario planning is a great tool to reveal the interior spirit of an organization and the metaphysical forces that drive it.

Windtunneling developed by Bruce McKenzie is a web based program that takes tests the resilience of current strategies against probable future scenarios. Designed by Future Insight Maps (FIM), to give organizations an affordable method to assist in the management of complexity and uncertainty. Windtunneling is a tool to test and enhance the resilience of current and projected strategies on a web based platform.

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