A technology of organizational self awareness improves organizational culture. Decision making is easier, there is greater clarity of thinking, relationships are smoother, its easier to focus, there is greater access to inspiration.

It means that employees become consciously, actively and collaboratively aware of the collective being. They are consciously and actively focused on the space of consciousness they are creating together.

The culture or spirit of the organization becomes something that is actively managed. There is an active presencing of the collective being. People become more aware and conscious, which brings awakening, enlivening to the culture.

Organizational self awareness brings organizational integrity, it decreases organizational dysfunction. The relationship between staff and employees and the spirit of the organization becomes active and alive. Staff and employees believe in the organization, they recognize when decisions are out of alignment with the spirit of things. Organizational patterns are understood in higher and lower mode so employees can actively correct behaviour. An awareness of the organizational archetype automatically brings greater alignment with the mission. Action that is lacking in integrity is easier to identify and correct.

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