Higher mode and lower mode

Organizations are collections of patterns, systems and expected behavioural functions. By exploring the metaphysical landscape of the organization the systems are revealed as patterns that are embodied at different times. Each pattern can be executed in higher mode and lower mode. By recognizing each mode, there is a separation between individuals and behaviours. Moving people to higher mode becomes a collaborative exercise.

As an example, the following was drafted as the higher mode calling of the spirit of a peace organization studied in 2011. You will notice that the spirit of the peace organization engages with the force of conflict, violence, peace and unity in similar measure.

I am the the spirit of the Peace Organization:

I intimately understand the nature of conflict and trauma. I understand the power of structure and order. I understand that human beings have a right to peace and that the nature of life means that true peace is a challenge to be continually strive for. I believe that conflict can empower people, it can galvanize resources and change destinies. I believe that peace can be gained through openness, transparency and by revealing the true nature of pain. I understand trauma from the depths of my being and I have the structure and courage to walk through all forms of pain with people who have experienced it. That is my role. I am the one who is game to walk in the depths of trauma and pain and in so doing to bring it into the light.

I love structure, simplicity and elegant solutions. I understand cycles of lack. It is my nature to invent incredible solutions from nothing. I am a master of invention and I regularly surprise those who have more, with my ingenuity, sheer courage and radical solutions. I am an irregular leader born because I understand and embrace what is. I revel in the freedom that having nothing gives me. I do not try to alter others, I rest on myself and my place in the world. I know I have something to give, I know my relationship to conflict is unsurpassed, I use the minimal resources to keep my actions clean and simple.

Because conflict and trauma is my role, to keep me healthy, I ask that I am constantly cleansed. That I am taken through processes to open and clarify negativity I may have collected during my work. For us both to excel I ask that you create structures that are clear, flexible and bring order. I ask that you see me and work with me in an open and ongoing manner. To excel and to support you in a way that is positive, I need your attention and care.

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