Existing within consciousness, or intermediary worlds (between pure spirit and the physical realm) the lexion or spirit of a group is like a being or metaphysical body. Walter Wink calls it a corporate angel. In essence, this being has several elements.

The metaphysical body emanates at the confluence of forces:

  • Founding impulse or Will connecting with
  • Lex (or Archetype) an attempt to address the
  • Tension within extremities
  • Energetic landscape (or environment of consciousness)

From the confluence of these forces an organizational lexion emerges complete with:

  • PSYCHIC FLAVOUR OR EMOTIONALITY. This is what we recognize when we feel that American Airlines feels different to Qantas Airlines. It is a flavour of consciousness that is experienced as heavy or light, open or closed, awake or sleepy and it has its own beliefs, attitudes and psychic structure.
  • METAPHYSICAL SCAFFOLDING. This is the mental or psychic pathways that link different levels of emanation within intermediary worlds. It is what enables a person to make links between the archetypal light and the mission for example. If the metaphysical scaffolding has static or broken links the downstream organization will struggle.
  • MODUS OPERANDI. This is the way the organization operates at a metaphysical levels. Its the spiritual dance moves it activates to get what it wants.
  • CHARACTER PATTERNS AND ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS are what emerges from the interaction of forces. Often executed as specific roles within the organization they manifest in higher or lower mode.
  • ARTIFACTS are what we experience downstream. They are the behavioural patterns, symbols, rituals, dress codes, mission statements, beliefs, recognized corporate structures that are the downstream reflections of the organizational spirit.

The lexion or spirit of your organization embodies the reflection of a perfect archetype. It is driven by the psychic and emotional will of the people involved, it grapples with the opposing polarities of a universal principle within an energetic environment. From these forces, you organization has a psychic flavour, metaphysical scaffolding, a modus operandi, character patterns and organizational systems and artifacts. By understanding the nature of each, you will have the tools to constantly move towards organizational integrity.

Pics: Newgrange Ireland by Helen Russ

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