The collective being or mental body of an organization emerges whenever a group of people form with a joint purpose, be it in the at a Rolling Stones concert, on the shores of Botany Bay to found a nation, or in the superdome after cyclone Katrina.

The collective being emerges within intermediary or intelligible realms. It is a body that forms at the confluence of forces and principles of consciousness. Described as the ‘vehicle of thoughts and emotions’ of organizations by Samuel Sagan, the collective being is what Richard Dawkins 2006 was describing when he coined the term meme-complex, what esoteric writers describe as an egregore, Rudolf Steiner calls the body social, Samuel Sagan calls the corporate being, Walter Wink argues is the corporate angel and what Deb Bodeau describes as a metabeing.

In The Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge J, DUBUIS 2000 describes it as:

It is the psychic and astral entity of a group. All members of a group, a family, a club, a political party, a religion or even a country, are psychically included in the egregore of the organization to which they belong. ….. each of us belongs to several egregores at once. …… each individual who is involved in a group receives the influences of the egregores, that is the astral counterpart of the group, in his psyche. This process is unconscious (p. 8).

The collective being emanates at the confluence of the founding impulse or Will connecting with the archetype or ‘Life’ in an attempt to address the polarities of universal principles within an energetic landscape (or environment of consciousness). From the confluence of these forces the collective being emerges complete with a metaphysical scaffolding, a modus operandi, character patterns, organizational systems and artifacts. The interior spirit is the invisible component of an organization. It is subject to the influences of mental waves experienced as trends or astral waves, moving through intelligible realms and it is subject to the laws of intelligible realms. It is therefore naive to attempt to manage an organization from the standpoint of the visible reality only. To ignore the collective being is akin to attempting to direct a human being without recognizing that they have their own thought processes and their own ‘Will.

Resting on techniques developed within the Western esoteric tradition, on the ideas developed by Plato, The Collective Integrity Institute is an experiential participatory field for exploring and working with collective beings.

The central themes are:

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